Monday, July 18, 2011

Learning jQuery

Many people recommend jQuery in Action as the best book for learning jQuery, but I didn't like the style that was laid down in that book. I am not saying anything about the content of the book, it's a very good reference book for jQuery and offers plenty of details for many frequently used APIs, but I feel the layout of the book certainly doesn't offer step by step introduction to somebody new to jQuery.

Folks interested in learning jQuery would benefit greatly by visiting this video tutorial by appendTo folks, it offers jQuery fundamentals in a way very easy for anyone to grasp and also the materials are laid down 4-5 mins each per topic(like khan academy tutorials).

I would also suggest using jQuery in Action book as a reference material which it fits pretty well.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Khan Academy - Awesome site that you want your kids to spend time on

I am continuously amazed by the wealth of information available in khan academy. Having started my career long back as a trainer in a software training institute, I have always loved sharing knowledge with colleagues/friends. Like any other profession you need passion to teach someone and the key is knowing how to break down complex things so people can easily understand. Sal khan has taken his part time job of teaching his cousins into this amazing wealth of information across multiple areas, I thoroughly enjoy watching his videos whenever I get time.

I want to get my kids involved with this site so they can start understanding complex topics broken down to nice smaller pieces. Kudos to sal khan for putting up a great job and doing it as a non-profit which makes it even more awesome.

Watch sal khan talk about his work in this ted video.