Saturday, June 30, 2007

Which is more cool ? working for Google or Apple

Which is more cool ?? working as a software engineer in Google's reasearch team or working as a design engineer in Apple ? I thought of this question after seeing the way Google and Apple have been doing business. I initially thought of adding Microsoft into this question, but I think Microsoft lost the "cool" part few years ago (don't get me wrong.. I am still a Microsoft geek working on thier products .Net/SQL server for my bread & butter).

I am given such an opportunity I think I would take design engineer job in Apple. It would be so cool to design something which other competitors could be thinking 5 years down the lane. To add to that, I am just amazed by the way Steve has turned them around with his vision. I am pretty sure he is going to knock away the competition from giants including Motorola and Nokia by the way his company has designed iPhone.

Which one would you choose given an oppurtunity ?

Does iPhone work in India ?

Atlast the apple iPhone is available for general public at last (only in US of A)!! For the first time I feel really bad about moving back to India, had I been in the US, I would have grabbed an iPhone the first day of its release.

The internet has been loaded with information about how cool the phone is and the innovative touch screen. Check out these videos from cnet website about iPhone.

> First look at iPhone
> Out of the Box : iPhone

It will be so cool when the day comes when I will be the first one to carry it into my office (i sure hope this does happen soon). Now I have to start sending emails to figure out which of my friend in US will make a trip to india soon. I couldn't find any information about whether an iPhone bought from US will work in India ?? Can anyone post a comment if they know answer this question ?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My birthday

It's my b'day.. and after a span of 7 years I am spending it in India. Isn't that amazing !! I haven't been thinking about spending my b'day in India since I left to US 6 years ago.. but how quickly things change. I am back in india and spent the most part of the day with relatives. It's kinda different b'day celebration for me. I have been searching the net for interesting blogs, I saw this nice little writeup

To hate all Roses becoz you got scratched by one Thorn...
To give up on ur Dreams becoz one didn't come True...
To lose faith on Prayers becoz one wasn't answered...
To give up on your Efforts becoz one of them Failed...
To Condemn on your Friends becoz one Betrayed you...
Not to believe in Love, Becoz someone was unfaithful...

Remember that another chance will come up,
A New Friend, A New Love, A New Life...
Never Give Up !
Becoz Life is Indeed Beautiful !!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Completed Halo2

Hurray !! atlast I have completed Halo2 in my Xbox !!! I know this sounds silly to many people out there, since this game was release more than 2 years ago.. But I just got my focus on this game to complete it.. However, sports games are more of my type and I love playing Winning Eleven & Topspin :)

I should appreciate myself for completing Halo2 before Halo3 comes in september

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Good pdf on Enterprise Architect

My professional goal has always been to be an Enterprise Architect. I have been a mainly playing the roles of a developer, team leader across various domains but I had the privilege to be part of the Architecture team in my previous company (a fortune 500 company involved in healthcare). The organization was totally focussed on Zachman framework. But I would find it hard when there were frequent discussions between associates across organizations about the use of technology (Microsoft vs Sun vs Oracle), I think it's really bad when the CTO team gets in to details of implementation. This article in objectwatch provides a nice overview about enterprise architecture and points out of the failure of existing frameworks. I found most of them to be true. I hope you agree with my point :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Zyb - save your phone contacts online

I stumbled across this cool service offered by Zyb, it offers to store contacts, events and messages from your phone for free. This is one of the service I have been waiting for some time since I lost my cellphone with contact information that I never had backed up anywhere. I wasted quite a lot of time trying to get all the contact information again. I tried to sync my Nokia N70m and it was done in a jiffy.

I hope i could have found this service before losing my cellphone.