Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good post on interviewing process should work in a software company.  Would be interested in setting up such process within our company.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Difference between framework and library

Good quote to differentiate between framework and library, "framework calls your code but your code calls library".

Monday, January 09, 2012

Stay @ Ocean Spray, Pondicherry

Had a nice little break from regular tasks by taking a small vacation @ Ocean Spray, Pondicherry. Went there during the last week of december 2011, when the rates are exorbitantly priced. Gone are the days when my kids were small enough that I can beat the peak season and get good deals on rooms, now i have joined the rat race that plans the vacation surrounding the school vacations.

Quick info for anybody looking to stay @ Ocean Spray : It's about 2 hours drive from chennai on ECR road towards pondicherry. This is not a sea side resort, so please avoid this if you are looking for a sea side resort. The sea would probably be a good 1-2 kms from the hotel and there is no proper walk way to the sea. We stayed in "Heavens Room" and we enjoyed the stay very much. It's a small room with a queen size bed and a sit out with Jacuzzi. The resort is build in a huge area with a big artificial man made lake covering a good size in the center. We found the food to be pretty good but little expensive. There is a huge swimming pool in the center of the resort and a outdoor kids play area. It is a good place to spend a weekend. It would be good resort for travelling with small kids. This might not be the place if you are someone looking at a place with tons of activities.