Wednesday, November 28, 2007

130 years to copy my data to external hard disk

I just started backing up my music to my new Seagate External hard disk and was amused to see that Windows explorer copy dialog box show that it needs 48822 days to complete the copy operation for around 9 GB of data, 48822 days equates to approximately 130 years.. I hope to be around to see that the data is copied successfully. I really don't know how they calculate the information about time needed to complete the copy operation, b'cos after a while the dialog box said that it needs only 2 hours to complete the operation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vista - One of the terrible technical products in history ???

I was very surprised/upset to see windows vista land up in the list of one of the terrible technical products in history. I have been using Vista for the last 6-8 months and dont have any bad experiences with it and I haven't had any issues with any hardware. But I do accept that there is nothing significant in it to migrate from Windows XP. I am not sure that one reason could make it qualify for one of the terrible tech products in history.

Got my Seagate FreeAgent External Hard disk in India

I have been looking to buy an external hard disk for some time to backup my ever growing collection of videos, photos (especially of my new born baby), I have realised that it's time to get an external drive to make sure I don't lose anything if my hard drive crashes some day. I have been lucky with my laptop (Dell Inspiron 700m) so far, it hasn't crashed on me, but I certainly know that I wont be lucky for long. As usual I went to Ritchie Street (Bargain Best Buy in Chennai) and got the seagate freeagent, I wanted to get Western Digital MyBook, but unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere so I ended up buying Seagate, it costed me 4750 rupees(roughly 115 $). The reviews in the best buy/circuit city looks pretty good, so I think I bought a decent drive.

The power adapter that comes with it is for australia, so if anyone in India is buying it make sure you buy a adapter that fits Indian power outlet. But fortunately the power cord works well according to indian power output. The setup has been breeze, now I am off to transfer those songs and photos I have kept for a long time..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

iPhone only working in speaker

Oops !!! I am relived.. for a minute I thought I have lost my valuable possession (bricked iPhone).. My iPhone started behaving strangely today, I could make phone calls, but could talk only in the speaker and I could not hear clearly what the other person was talking. I thought there should have been a technical problem with my iphone and started to look at possible solutions and came across an interesting post that solved my issue..

I am just copying the exact text from this URL.. It fixed my issue !! I just love the internet... I could just solve any problem if I just had a internet connection :)

"Everyday I listen to my iPod on the train and use the headphones as my conversation device too. For some reason, when my headphones were plugged in, it would play music, but when I took them out it wouldn't play through the iPhone. Therefore with this and the fact that the iPhone only worked on speaker (speaker works when headphones are plugged in normally) I determined that it had to have something to do with the iPod/earbuds/headphone jack.

To fix it, I opened the iPod application and plugged the buds in, started playing music, then paused it. I then removed the buds and pressed play and it played through the phone and also allowed me to hear a conversation the standard way (up to the ear). On the train today, I must have unplugged it while it was still playing and messed something up...not sure why that would mess things up, but it must be a small bug. I tried the same thing again that I did on the train and it is still working so I feel pretty safe..just a minor hiccup. I'm glad I got it working so quickly and didn't waste too much time!
:apple:*huge sigh of relief*:apple:"

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cool new interface idea - Bumptop

It's been sometime since I saw a cool new idea, the video of Bumptop showed me where the next gen Windows/Mac OS should be going. The UI is simple and resembles more of your real desktop rather than a desktop made up in current OS versions.

The bumptop project is at a very early stage but i wish it would soon be incorporated as a skin/widget for windows/mac.

Watch this video of bumptop to truly appreciate it