Monday, November 21, 2005

Different Architecture Roles

I was always confused to hear people mixing the following terminologies
System Architect, Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect and Application Architect.

In many small companies, all these positions will handled by one person with the tag "Technical Architect". In bigger companies since a single person can not have expertise in all these fields, they have seggergated into more specfic chunks.

Enterprise Architect : One who takes care of the systems integration at the enterprise level. They are very superficial and do not have any techinical know how. They are just interested in the integration of the products at the department level and adherence of all projects to the corporate system standards.
Application Architect : One who knows the product in and out. He may not be strong in technical details but understands the concept.
Solution Architect : The guy who designs and makes the descions and presents the solution with low level technical details.
Systems Architect : The guy who basically knows how to configure machines and servers and have indepth knowledge of opertating systems and all other hardware realted stuff.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Manning does it at last

Boy !! Did he do it in style :) I am talking about Peyton Manning's Monday night performance against New England Patriots. The colts thrashed patriots all night, right from the word go I think it was clear that Colts are a far superior team than Patriots this year. Personally, having supported Indianapolis for the last two years, I have got increasingly frustrated with the way they always lose to Patriots in Foxborough year after year. At last it feels good to see the bad karma (beating Patriots in New England) being taken out of Manning's career which has otherwise being absolutely amazing.

The Patriots have always been a good team under Bill Belichek and Tom Brady as their QB. But after some time it gets real boring to see the same team win the super bowl over and over again. For a change it was nice to see a frustrated Tom Brady and coach Belichek throwing the red flag to challenge a clear Touchdown pass.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Installing Windows 2003 on Inspiron 700m

I have been having a tough time installing Windows 2003 on my Dell Inspiron 700m. The installation will proceed for some time and will freeze exactly at the 34 minute mark and I couldnt find help anywhere. Till I came across this article that explains clearly the steps need to be taken for installing windows 2003..

Now let me get back on track to install the Team Foundation Server (beta) on my laptop. I have been trying to play around with Team Foundation for a long time after reading the cool features it contains. Will keep posting about anything cool I come across.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Linq (Languange INtegrated Query)

I had been looking at some resources to start my quest in C# 3.0(especially LINQ). I came across this channel9 video on Linq by Anders Hejlsberg.

It was a nice video with samples that will help you get upto speed on Linq. I am surprised that guys in Microsoft keep coming up with some cool ideas for every new release.

Everyone will agree that there is a big gap between the relational world and object world. I think Microsoft is trying to reduce that Gap with LinQ. I can already see many ways of implementing Linq in many areas in my project.