Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Manning does it at last

Boy !! Did he do it in style :) I am talking about Peyton Manning's Monday night performance against New England Patriots. The colts thrashed patriots all night, right from the word go I think it was clear that Colts are a far superior team than Patriots this year. Personally, having supported Indianapolis for the last two years, I have got increasingly frustrated with the way they always lose to Patriots in Foxborough year after year. At last it feels good to see the bad karma (beating Patriots in New England) being taken out of Manning's career which has otherwise being absolutely amazing.

The Patriots have always been a good team under Bill Belichek and Tom Brady as their QB. But after some time it gets real boring to see the same team win the super bowl over and over again. For a change it was nice to see a frustrated Tom Brady and coach Belichek throwing the red flag to challenge a clear Touchdown pass.

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