Sunday, September 30, 2007

Got my iPhone

Wow !!! I just got my iPhone (thanks to Arun who brought it for me from US). I have been waiting to get my hands on this cool device from the moment Steve Jobs unveiled it. Atlast I have it in my hands, it feels so good to touch and play with it. The screen is just awesome and I love the way the product has been designed..

The guys in nokia and motorola should feel really bad about themselves, having been in the market for such a long time none of them could make a phone as cool as iPhone. I would like to meet the team who designed the User Interface for iPhone, they have done a real awesome job. When was the last time you saw a device and it worked the way you wanted it to work.. it just feels like magic to work with this device.

It took some time to unlock the iPhone in India to work with Airtel network, since it's not officially available here yet. This article with clear step by step instructions helped me unlock the iPhone, except the final step using anySIM application to unlock didn't work for me. So I have to revert to the command line unlock for this. I should personally thank Mac Kalvin who helped me figure out the final step of unlocking my iPhone. Mac Kalvin has been doing a great job for the community in india, considering that there are folks in india who charge 5000 Rupees (100 $) to unlock an iPhone, I am totally surprised that he could offer his guidance over phone/email free of charge !! Good job mate !! Keep up the good work :)


Prakaz said...

great man! just today a friend of my got an iPhone. I'm currently in London and have ordered for 2 phones. I live in Bangalore and will be back there in few weeks. I will have to unlock both of them. Found your site thru Mac's group. Looks like good info for hacking the iPhone. I'm just waiting to get my hands on it... and will try to unlock using the PDF available on Mac's blog.


premkumar said...

prakaz, Hope you won't have any problem unlocking your iphone in india. Make sure you don't install v1.1.1 firmware in iphone. Do let me know if you have any issues in unlocking the phone.