Saturday, November 17, 2007

iPhone only working in speaker

Oops !!! I am relived.. for a minute I thought I have lost my valuable possession (bricked iPhone).. My iPhone started behaving strangely today, I could make phone calls, but could talk only in the speaker and I could not hear clearly what the other person was talking. I thought there should have been a technical problem with my iphone and started to look at possible solutions and came across an interesting post that solved my issue..

I am just copying the exact text from this URL.. It fixed my issue !! I just love the internet... I could just solve any problem if I just had a internet connection :)

"Everyday I listen to my iPod on the train and use the headphones as my conversation device too. For some reason, when my headphones were plugged in, it would play music, but when I took them out it wouldn't play through the iPhone. Therefore with this and the fact that the iPhone only worked on speaker (speaker works when headphones are plugged in normally) I determined that it had to have something to do with the iPod/earbuds/headphone jack.

To fix it, I opened the iPod application and plugged the buds in, started playing music, then paused it. I then removed the buds and pressed play and it played through the phone and also allowed me to hear a conversation the standard way (up to the ear). On the train today, I must have unplugged it while it was still playing and messed something up...not sure why that would mess things up, but it must be a small bug. I tried the same thing again that I did on the train and it is still working so I feel pretty safe..just a minor hiccup. I'm glad I got it working so quickly and didn't waste too much time!
:apple:*huge sigh of relief*:apple:"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I regularly unplug my headphones while listening to my audiobooks, because it pauses it without having to take the thing out of the case, etc. Never had a problem until 3 months into owning it, when suddenly I could only answer calls in speakerphone. Your trick worked perfectly! Thank you.

premkumar said...

glad to hear that you benefited from the post :)

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