Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stella's Restaurant in Alexandria Closed?

While chatting with my good friend Nick, I came to know that Stella's (a nice restaurant in Duke Street, Alexandria) has been closed for more than couple of years now.  It is a nice, cosy restaurant that we used to go for lunch when we were working in Lumenos.  I certainly have quite a lot of sweet memories there especially going for chipotle chicken on thursdays and happy hour(even though i don't drink.... just to have my root BEER/Diet Coke !!!).. The outdoor dining area in Stella's is a real nice place to have lunch/dinner.

It would have been a great trip down the memory lane if I could have had a chiptole chicken with some good old friends when I do go to USA for a business trip.. Probably have to be happy eating my foot long roasted chicken in Hearty Italian made fresh in the Subway across the Road !!

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