Monday, May 23, 2011

Cool tool of the day - SSMS Tools Pack

When I am troubleshooting production issues, I always have problem with having multiple SQL Server windows open trying to do update/select across different regions (I am not saying that we do updates in production on a regular ad-hoc basis but there are times we have to do that).

Fortunately, I came across a cool tool today that would reduce the confusion of which sql window I am currently in, is it development/UAT/production. SSMS tools pack is an excellent set of tools and contains the windows connection coloring feature that you can use to set which color you want to display on top of the different sql windows, probably red for your production connections and green for your development environments.

Take a look at the tool for yourself, you will sure appreciate the value of it.

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Nikhil Goel said...

yep useful tool