Friday, October 22, 2004

Time to say GoodBye to Windows Search

Google has released their new product for Desktop Search.. I have been waiting for this product from Google for a long time now... I always hated the time I used to wait for searching the files in my Harddisk with the Windows Search functionality.

Google Desktop Search finds text inside your Outlook mails, Text document, Word/Excel/Powerpoint, AOL Instant Messenger and Temp Internet Explorer folder. Of Course you have the option to set the preference on what kind of files you want to index. After you install the Desktop search it scans your hard disk and indexes the documents based on your preference. From then on you can use the google User Interface (which is a web application running in your local system over port 4664, I assume that you need to have IIS installed to use the front-end, but I might be wrong).

and the search results come within seconds !!! Cool ...

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