Friday, March 18, 2005


I just came across couple of cool sites
  • Mailinator ( It's a no signup, anti-spam service. Here's how it works : You are on the web and someone (website) asks for your email id.. and there is a chance they might be selling your email id to spammers. Just go to mailignator and create a temporary account (remember you dont have to go thru a rigorous process of signup, personal infromation) and give that id. Go back to Mailinator and use this id to check the mails.. pretty cool.. kind of use and throw email ids :). But I think some websites have already started disallowing the entry of @mailinator for the email id..
  • BugmeNot ( You must have come across million of websites asking to enter username/password to access thier content( ex. Most of the time I dont want to register to these sites... (alright !! I am LAZY/ scared that my email id will be sold to some spammer)... If you are someone like me then bugmenot is for you...Point your browser to bugmenot and enter the name of the website and you will be given a username/password to the website.. :)

These websites are going to stay in my favourite folder for a long time..

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