Thursday, March 31, 2005

Good Books on C#

One of my friend called me y'day to get information about some good books on .Net/C# (currently working in VB and wants to move to .Net). I have always suggested "Programming .NET components" by Juval Lowy to almost anyone who is interested to get into C#. It's one of the few books out there which doesnt re-hash MSDN ;) The book is well organized and the writing style of the author is excellent. But the book is meant for developers who have knowledge of OOPS and is looking forward to get thier hands dirty on .NET with C#. The examples given in the book might not be from real life applications.. but will certainly make the underlying concept clear.

Juval Lowy is a class apart from most instructors/architects available for .Net/C#. I think that's the reason he has been crowned as one of the "Software Legends" by Microsoft.
I was reading a blog the other day that he is currently working on the second version of the above mentioned book... Let me keep my fingers crossed to see when it hits the stores... I will be one of many who would like to get a copy of the book first day :)

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