Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Have invite for Joost

I managed to be a part of the hype going around the web atlast.. I got an invite to try Joost thru the weblog of Brajeshwar. I have been waiting for sometime to try this service. I should say I am very satisfied with the quality of videos that has been streamed using thier software.

I am sure you saw folks around the net talking about how slow thier service is and how much time it takes to download thier video. I think folks at joost have not done a good job in giving out so many invites at the same time and not considering the scalability of thier system. But I think they will scale up thier servers soon and we should be able to see the channels without waiting for a long time.

I have quite a lot of Joost invites to give away, so Please leave a comment with your email address in non-spam format(ie. hello at yahoo dot com) and i can send it across to you so you can enjoy the fun.

1 comment:

Ravi said...

prem kaisa hai? how is your venture in india? adapted? anywayz, is this joost a p2p tv? like tvkoo ? can I get an invite?