Wednesday, January 17, 2007

E-Mail from Paramount airways going to Yahoo junk folder

I have been trying to book an e-ticket for my friend who is going to fly from Chennai to Coimbatore in Paramount airways. I used my yahoo account to get the confirmation email about the reservation process, but even after hours I didn't get any mail from the reservation process. First I thought that their mail server is playing catch-up with thousands of emails generated throughout the day. I checked again after few hours but still didn't see it my inbox.

Now I knew that there is something I might be missing, I started looking for culprit like "Did I enter my email address correctly"... yeah ..It's rite.. so now looking for the second option I started searching through my spam folder in yahoo.. and I was happy to see the mail from paramount sitting happy inside that.. I hope this post will be helpful for someone using yahoo and trying to book their tickets through paramount airways.

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Anonymous said...

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