Monday, January 01, 2007

Is google going downhill

I read a good article by Nathan Weinberg about how "Google ends year on sour note". It was an interesting article about how Google has lost credibility in some of its core areas including deleting all mails from 60 gmail accounts (even worse they don't have any backup).
Even though I have an email account, I primarily use my yahoo account but have been thinking for some time now to permanently to switch over to Google. But this will make me think a while before making the decision.

It's bad that even orkut was down for around 22 hours over friday and saturday. To add to the misery Blake Ross of firefox came out against google for promoting its own products for tips as part of search result.

I personally don't think that the quote by Nathan "By the end of next year, no one will like Google as much as they do today" is going to be a reality in a year from now. I believe google is a company with good vision and they will take a quick steps to regain the trust of end users.

2007 is going be an interesting year with some of new enterprenaurs like Powerset entering the search market. We have to wait and see who the next google is going to be...

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