Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Down the memory lane - Trip to Maldives

I went down my memory lane for a while thinking about the list of events that happened in my life an year ago.. I had been to Maldives for my honeymoon in Sun Island(feb 14 - feb 17th, 2006). I could claim that I have travelled quite a bit across the globe, but the trip to maldives could certainly be rated as one of the best destinations I had been to.

We took the air-taxi from the airport to the resort and we were able to see the corels and the different colors of the water. We were put up in a water bungalow ( where you can walk down the steps and be in water..) Isn't it amazing ??? I certainly don't have words to explain the beauty of the resort we stayed in. Water in all imaginable Blue shades, crystal clear water for miles !!!

I hope to go back to Maldives again for a short vacation sometime soon.. I would suggest maldives as one of the best vacation spot for anyone in India. Let me know if anyone is looking for further information regarding Maldives.

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