Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have an OpenID Account

I have been thinking about creating a OpenId account for myself and start using it for sometime now. Today I finally ended up creating a OpenId through MyOpenId.

BTW "What is OpenID anyway?", It is a new way to authenticate yourself in the web. You can use it in any of the website using OpenId as the login mechanism. The common problem users face is there are 100 different website they access and every website has some kind of username/password, after some time it becomes tedious to maintain this info. So OpenId is a protocol developed by diverse community to address this issue. Using OpenID you could go ahead and login to a OpenId enabled site as if you have already created a username/password. Hope everyone remember Microsoft's similar effort few years ago by trying use Hotmail passport as the centralized place for hosting user info. But users quickly rejected the idea of Microsoft having all the users data in a centralized place which could be a problem down the line. OpenID is trying to achieve the same but it's by a group of people from diversified community coming together to achieve this. At this point I am not sure how far it will be successful but I like the solution it offers to the end user.

There is a good screencast if you want to learn about OpenId.

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