Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Enforcing coding standard

As a team leader, I have always faced problems enforcing coding standard among my team members. You could always come up with a 20 page document which goes for a toss when the team codes crazy to meet the deadlines. To some extent you could use fxcop to enforce some rules that should be strictly followed before an assembly is deployed in the development server. But you cannot enforce some of the rules like, you want the variables in your project to follow a particular convention (camel casing/pascal casing). In this scenario a Dxcore plugin comes to the rescue, Code Style Enforcer is a tool created by Joel to enforce these constraints in the IDE itself when the developer is coding. It checks for the conditions on a line by line basis and underlines the appropriate lines that are not compliant with your coding standards.

This is the first time I am hearing about DxCore library for creating plugin(s) for Visual studio, but after googling I am finding quite a lot of good plugins that have been created using this.

I am going to install this plugin in all my team members system to enforce the standards rathar than throwing a document at them to enforce standards :)

You can create your own plugin by reading about it in this blogpost from Jason.

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